UK households may be four days from needing insolvency advice

Published on March 13, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

When households suffer an interruption to their income – whether through illness or job loss, or some other such cause – insolvency advice can help to know what to do once the money runs out.

But in the meantime, any savings in the bank can provide a little breathing space – if you have a savings account with some money stashed.

If you don’t – and most people seeking insolvency advice probably don’t have much to fall back on – you’re definitely not alone, as figures from HSBC show.

According to the bank, 30% of people would be unable to meet their mortgage repayments if they lost their job.

And 33% of people have less than £250 in savings, which would last them an average of just four days.

Debbie Thomas, head of savings at HSBC, said: “As a general rule, a minimum of three months’ salary makes for a solid financial backup.”

For those already facing financial difficulty, this might seem like a distant dream; however, with the right insolvency advice you can get your monetary position back on track, and protect yourself for the future.

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