Property investors and developers

Did you know there are nine different types of tax property investors and developers must consider?

Our specialist property developer accountants do. And we know exactly how to minimise your tax obligations whilst ensuring you’re completely compliant with all regulations.

Our team looks at the big picture to ensure effective business structures which minimise your tax obligations while remaining compliant with all legislation are in place. Meaning you can save money on your tax bill as well as avoiding costly investigations and penalties.

We help everyone from small buy to let landlords to large commercial property investors and developers. To find out how our team of accountants for property investors can help you, contact us today.

How we can help

Our expertise of the property sector has been developed over many decades of helping property businesses large and small manage their accounts and tax payable. We give bespoke advice on all accounting, tax and commercial aspects of property investment you come across, from filing accurate accounts to many things you may not be aware of such as CIS, tax obligations for investors and VAT regulations on residential investments.

This provides the confidence you need to ensure you’re making the best-possible decision for your property business.

Alongside this, we work closely with solicitors, valuers, mortgage providers and other professionals. All of these combine to play a central role in making a success of any property venture.

Our specialist property accountants have expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial property, typically advising on:

  • How your business or investments should be structured to ensure maximum returns
  • Whether property should be held in or outside a limited company
  • Detailed property tax advice and planning, ensuring you make the most of all available tax reliefs and exemptions
  • VAT and the option to tax on commercial property and VAT incentives for residential property lettings
  • Complex ownership issues
  • Issues surrounding Capital Gains Tax, including how to mitigate them and minimise your obligations
  • The non-resident landlord scheme and all tax implications of ownership by non-resident landlords
  • How to avoid common and lesser-known ATED and CIS pitfalls
  • Optimising your returns through the use of pension schemes
  • Inheritance tax

By leaving our property investment accountants to handle these issues, you can focus on making decisions which grow your business and manage your property portfolio. Whether you’re an established business looking for efficiencies, or just starting out and looking to set the strongest-possible foundations.

Why contact RPG?

Ever decreasing returns in alternative investments has made property investment more popular than ever before in both the commercial and residential sectors. And as the percentage of your investment portfolio taken up by property increases, so does the need for careful planning to ensure maximum return.

Seemingly simple aspects of accounting such as VAT can affect property developers and investors incredibly negatively if not correctly managed. We pride ourselves on providing an accounting service which ensures complete tax compliance whilst maximising your profit margins.

Call RPG’s team of accountants for property developers today  0161 608 0000 discover how we could help make your property business a success.

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