Transaction services

There are times when your business may need to raise finance.

The options open to you are seemingly endless; each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Having an experienced team of advisers guiding you through the maze is, therefore, vital.

Likewise, expert advice is equally important if you are considering acquiring a business, merging or selling.

Our service includes:

  • Giving you access to software which helps to identify potential acquirers and targets
  • Pre-exit strategic planning
  • The production of business plans including detailed trading and cash flow forecasts
  • Transaction funding
  • Restructuring of distressed businesses
  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Vendor due diligence reports
  • Acquirer due diligence reports
  • Financial institution due diligence reports, including reporting accountant services for transactions involving listed companies
  • Assistance in reviewing legal documentation

We provide:

  • A team, led by a Director, with expertise in all relevant areas including commercial, due diligence and business planning, personal taxation and business taxation
  • A proactive approach looking out for both opportunities and threats
  • A team with your long-term interests at heart
  • Fixed fee quotes, to ensure you never get a nasty surprise
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