Tax returns

Constant changes to legislation mean that self-assessment tax returns are becoming more difficult to understand and complete. The risk of incurring penalties through failing to complete returns on time or correctly is, therefore, increased.

Our services include:

  • Completion of both the necessary computations and your self-assessment tax return
  • Timely submission of the return
  • Proactive advice to minimise your tax liabilities
  • Advice on the timing and amounts of tax payments
  • Acting as your agent when dealing with HMRC, including in the event that you are selected for an enquiry
  • Dealing with correspondence and enquiries from HMRC
  • Access to a tax enquiry fee protection service

We provide:

  • Peace of mind, that your self-assessment has been correctly completed while saving you time and reducing stress
  • A reliable, efficient and cost-effective tax return service
  • Tax savings through proactively raising planning opportunities and identifying areas which present risk
  • A dedicated point of contact, plus access to a team with the necessary skills and expertise to deal with all aspects of your tax affairs
  • Proactive advice throughout the year, not only when your tax return is due for submission
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