Our team of specialist healthcare accountants keep your accounts and tax affairs in order, so you can focus on helping your patients.

The healthcare sector is constantly changing, and compliance requirements are becoming more complex by the day. This combined with a growing, ageing population mean healthcare providers in the UK have never been under more pressure.

RPG’s specialist medical accounting team has worked with GPs, dentists, consultants, pharmacists, opticians and locums for decades. We help you remain compliant with all regulations whilst ensuring your tax obligations are minimised, meaning you can focus on doing your jobs rather than worrying about the finances.

Who we can help

The team at RPG has worked with businesses and individuals in the medical industry for decades, helping provide world-leading knowledge of sector regulations.

Our team advises on a range of common and complex issues for businesses across the medical industry, providing bespoke advice suited to your personal requirements. Some of our most common work includes:


Managing a GP practice or healthcare centre comes with a range of potential accountancy issues. Our specialist GP accountants can provide advice targeted to your specific requirements.

Whether it’s worries about superannuation, advice on incorporating part of your practice, how to avoid common VAT pitfalls, the individual tax requirements for partners or any of the myriad other issues, we’ll provide the best advice for your situation.

We provide tailored advice for both the practice as a whole and individual partners, taking both your business and personal goals into account. Whatever you need, we have the expertise required to help.


Our specialist dental accountancy team provides tailored advice on implementing tax-efficient strategies to associates, sole practitioners, expense-sharing partnerships, full partnerships and companies.

A wealth of experience helping dentists allows us to provide the best-possible advice regarding incorporating your business and UDA & UOA under or over performance. We work closely with your practice, providing the tailored assistance you need to ensure you receive the best advice for your situation.


Our team of accountants for opticians help optometrists with all their bookkeeping, VAT and tax requirements.

From developing a suitable bookkeeping system for small sole traders and partnerships to advice on VAT apportionment and partial exemption or helping discover tax efficiencies, we give advice perfectly suited to your business and goals, whether you’re a small sole trader or large corporate optician.


The pharmaceutical world is a constantly-changing environment which requires an intimate knowledge of all regulations and your relationships with government departments, alongside complex VAT rules.

Pharmacies operate differently to other businesses, having a complete understanding of this unique manner of operating is a vital pharmacy accounting skill. Our pharmacy accountants have expertise in advising pharmacies of all types, including 100-hour, 40-hour and distance sellers.

Whether you’re acquiring a new pharmacy, selling your business or simply need a fresh approach, our pharmacy accounting team have the expertise required to provide you world class advice and support.

Locums and associates

Every locum and associate requires the right advice. Advice which considers not only their position as a locum, but also their personal circumstances.

Providing advice on incorporating and helping businesses to grow and reach their full potential are critical areas in which we specialise, ensuring we can be with you for both the short and long-term.

Alongside this, we will help you with avoiding common tax pitfalls such as avoiding registering for VAT. We aim to provide you with the best-possible accounting advice for your unique circumstances and will ensure you’re abiding by all regulations.

Discover how we can help you

Contact RPG today to discover how our independent specialist medical accountants can help you.

Our healthcare team has provided accountancy support to healthcare professionals for 70 years, bringing a wealth of experience to your practice. With a full range of solutions available, from tax advice and compliance to business structuring advice, we’ll be able to provide the help you need.

We don’t just look at your business, either. Instead, our team looks at the big picture and helps to ensure your family is in the best-possible position and benefits as much as possible from the success of your practice.

Call us on 0161 608 0000 for a free, no obligation chat about your requirements.

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