Stress-free accounting for doctors in Manchester

Published on September 15, 2016 by Crawfords Accounting

Working in front-line healthcare is often very stressful, but our team are here to provide stress-free accounting for doctors in Manchester and throughout the north-west.

According to the mental health organisation MIND, 88% of primary care workers feel stressed because of their work, compared with 56% of the UK workforce overall.

This is leading some to put their own health at risk, with 42% turning to alcohol once a week or more, and 8% smoking every day as a way to relieve their stress levels.

A massive 83% have trouble sleeping, 54% have suffered physical health problems and 17% have called in sick due to stress.

One in five say their stress has developed into a mental health problem, with 17% taking medication for their condition; 43% have thought about resigning (or have actually done so) and 8% have even contemplated suicide.

Cardiff-based GP Dr Simon Braybrook said: “Stress and mental illness is becoming rife amongst primary care workers and we urgently need to talk more about how we can best look after ourselves and each other.

“It’s so important because that’s the only way that we are going to do the best for our patients; we can’t give out something that we haven’t got there to start with.”

Our healthcare accounting team understand the stress that can be associated with sorting out your finances, whether you’re struggling to pay the bills or have substantial income and want to structure your savings and investments in a tax-efficient way.

We aim to provide stress-free accounting for doctors in Manchester and the surrounding area, so that at least your finances can be one weight lifted from your mind, leaving you better able to cope with the other stresses of the job.

In this way, we hope not only to make things easier for our clients, but ultimately that this might have a positive effect on patient care to some extent too.

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