Property tax and moving costs ‘biggest worry’ for North-Westers

Published on March 28, 2014 by Crawfords Accounting

Would-be house buyers in the North-West are facing barriers to moving home, with associated costs like property tax among the biggest barriers.

Figures from show that 51% of people in the North-West would like to move house, more than any other region outside of London and the South-East.

But they face an average wait of 4.2 years – longer than any region but the North-East.

Some 24% of those surveyed in the North-West worry that they will never be able to afford to move home – and this is the highest proportion of any region surveyed.

The single greatest barrier, cited by one in five of North-Westers surveyed, is the cost of buying a property and moving into it.

Contributing elements to this may include everything from hiring a removal van, to property tax and conveyancing costs.

But Manchester property accountants can help would-be buyers to overcome such obstacles by taking an honest look at your finances, and working out exactly how much you have to spend.

Knowing your budget more accurately could help you to plan for those additional costs – meaning the guidance of Manchester property accountants might allow you to buy your dream home after all.

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