Property accountants see new influences on asking prices

Published on October 5, 2012 by Crawfords Accounting

Property accountants work in an ever-changing industry, both due to changing legislation surrounding property tax, and because of the shifts that take place within the housing market itself.

And perhaps one of the most modern influences on house prices at present is the average speed of broadband connections in any given area.

Research conducted by consumer advice site Broadband Choices and property expert Henry Pryor reveals that one in five people have looked up broadband speeds when house-hunting, and one in ten have decided not to buy a home because of its low internet connection speed.

Dominic Baliszewski of Broadband Choices suggests that a good internet connection has become akin to running water and central heating in terms of its importance to some families.

For those selling a property, meanwhile, it has become one more thing for property accountants to take into account when determining their exposure to property tax such as capital gains and stamp duty.

And as further modern-day influences complicate the housing market more in the years to come, our Manchester accountants will be on hand to help make sense of the changing nature of British property demand.

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