Private practice and the NHS in healthcare accounting

Published on May 15, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

Working in private practice in addition to providing services to the NHS can be a lucrative way to boost your income, as anyone working in healthcare accounting knows only too well.

In principle there’s often nothing to prevent this practice, and after studying hard for many years, it’s reasonable to want to offer your expertise to both sides of the ‘divide’.

One consultant cardiologist, John Dean, has written for the BMJ of his own experience of crossing the divide to work in private practice.

He explains that he wanted some extra money “to renovate the house, educate the children, and so on”, and so took to private practice for the additional earnings it would bring in.

But he adds that in any case, no patient wants to find themselves facing medical treatment.

“Private hospitals are five-star hotels but, for the most part, no place to be if you are really sick,” he admits.

Whatever your employment situation, our Manchester accountants are able to offer expert accounting for doctors in the NHS, private practice or both.

Enquire about our specialist healthcare accounting today, and you can be confident of maximising your income, no matter which side of the healthcare sector it comes from.

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