Pharmacy Accountants

Published on September 30, 2011 by Crawfords Accounting

There are thousands of pharmacies in the UK and they all require accountancy services. Some pharmacies are part of larger chains while others might be independent, but they all have a duty of care to the people they deal with and so it is important that their finances are all in good order.

Pharmacy accountants will be able to help with this. The job of pharmacy accountants is to make sure all of the relevant finances are in order, that all payments that need to be made have actually been made, and that payments that need to be received have been received. This is something that most pharmacists won’t have the time to do themselves, so it is definitely worth making use of the services of pharmacy accountants.

Accountants will also be able to help with the important issue of tax. Whether this is corporation tax, PAYE systems, local rates or another form of tax, they’ll be able to provide advice to pharmacies and make sure all necessary taxes are paid when they should be. This then frees up pharmacists to focus on their patients, leading to a more beneficial distribution of resources.

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