Our Manchester accountants can help avoid HMRC enforcement

Published on February 10, 2012 by Crawfords Accounting

Our Manchester accountants can help you if you are concerned you might fall under one of the target categories for upcoming HMRC ‘tax cheat’ campaigns.

The main areas due for attention in the near future include people who buy and sell large numbers of items online, along with a number of specific skilled trades.

However, our medical accountants have previously seen HMRC target healthcare professionals.

In the Medics Tax Health Plan, which began in 2010, HMRC recovered more than £10 million through voluntary disclosures from around 1,500 individuals.

Among them were payments of £300,000 by one dentist and £1 million by a doctor.

Marian Wilson of HMRC Risk and Intelligence says: “Most people pay their taxes in full and on time, so it is right that HMRC works hard to secure payment from those who have not come forward.”

Our medical accountants can help you to determine whether you are likely to be affected by any of the upcoming action.

If you have any cause for concern, call our Manchester accountants or arrange a visit to our offices, and we can talk through your financial situation and the reasons behind your unease.

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