Manchester accountants prepare for tax return ’11th hour’

Published on January 30, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

Time is running out to file your tax return online and pay what you owe – and with the deadline falling on a Saturday, our Manchester accountants are urging taxpayers not to be caught out.

If you have already filed your tax return, you must make sure you have paid what you owe, and that your transaction will actually be processed before February 1st.

That means checking that the money will be received by HMRC before Sunday – don’t assume your bank transfer will necessarily be processed over the weekend.

Of course, our Manchester accountants are also working hard to file last-minute accounts for anyone who is pushing the deadline to its limits.

Every year there are plenty of ’11th hour’ tax returns to file, and every year some people are simply unable to get all of their information together in time.

We would urge anyone who has not yet filed to do so immediately, and pay in full as soon as possible too, to avoid incurring penalties.

Hopefully those who have left it so late this year will take efforts to file earlier next time around – and the 11th hour efforts of our Manchester accountants will help as many of you as possible to avoid penalties.


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