Manchester accountants count the cost of commuting

Published on September 14, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

Many people might welcome a shorter commute in the morning and evening, but as the darker nights draw in, our Manchester accountants have seen figures that might shock you in terms of the direct financial impact of your commute.

American Express surveyed commuters to find out how much they spend on drinks, snacks, newspapers, books, music, apps, games and breakfast, all to help the morning commute pass more enjoyably.

Coffee and other takeaway drinks is the biggest area of expense, at almost £17 per month for the average commuter, with snacks like crisps, fruit and chocolate close behind.

The average commuter spends over £13 per month on breakfast, almost as much on newspapers and magazines, and £11-12 on each of books, music, and apps including smartphone games.

London tops the list at nearly £2,000 per year, but Manchester commuters spend nearly £1,000 each year on these morning treats to take the edge off of their journey.

If you have considered living in the city but haven’t checked the financial sense of doing so, saving a four-figure sum on your commute – particularly once travel expenses are included – could make it a good idea to do so.

Our Manchester accountants can help you to make your decision, with expertise in other related areas like property tax to help you make the right choice.

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