Manchester accountants can make your commute worth it

Published on May 10, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

Manchester accountants can help you to hang on to more of your hard-earned income – and make the daily gauntlet-run into the city worthwhile for commuters.

According to insurance provider LV=, Manchester workers run the most risks over the course of a week’s commutes, at 48 individual instances of potential threats to their personal safety.

These run from the mundane – drinking tea or coffee while walking, or running up a flight of stairs – to the more legitimately dangerous, like standing in the middle of a busy road while trying to cross.

LV= head of protection Mark Jones says: “It’s fair to say people probably don’t realise that the types of things they do on their everyday commute would be considered dangerous.”

On average, British commuters face 32 distinct incidents of threat over a week, making Manchester 50% riskier than the norm.

Accounting services in Manchester can help you to keep as much of your income as possible in your own account – helping to make it more worthwhile facing those risks each day.

Speak to our Manchester accountants to find out more about where your money goes in unnecessary taxes – and how you could structure your finances to prevent this from happening.

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