Manchester accountants can help tap into Metrolink potential

Published on May 1, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

As Greater Manchester accountants with clients across the whole region, we know how improvements in infrastructure can transform business prospects for companies, and employment prospects for individuals whose daily commute is made much easier.

So the recent decision to award £300 million in funding to a proposed Metrolink extension west to the Trafford Centre is an important development for many residents of the city.

The route would leave the existing network at Pomona and, instead of crossing the water, would run along the south side of Salford Quays and past the Imperial War Museum North.

From there it continues out to the Trafford Centre, passing through several communities in between – and could ultimately be extended further to connect to locations like Worsley and Leigh if construction continues for many more years.

It’s bringing the Greater Manchester population closer together, figuratively speaking, and improving access both for employees travelling to work, and for customers trying to reach new businesses.

As Greater Manchester accountants with a strong client base throughout the city and its surroundings, we will be ready to help anyone along the route to make the most of the possibilities it may unlock.

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