Manchester accountants can help raise your savings balance

Published on May 24, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

Manchester accountants can play an important role in arranging your tax affairs to leave a little more of your earnings to put into your savings pot.

Figures from Halifax show that Manchester ranks among the urban areas with the lowest average savings nationwide – and that urban areas as a whole also lose out to their rural counterparts.

Manchester savers have managed to put away just over £5,000 on average, with the typical account balance of £5,007 just outperforming Newham and Hackney residents, who hold £4,481 and £4,298 in savings respectively.

In the north-west as a whole, urban inhabitants hold savings of £7,584 on average, whereas rural residents have a typical bank balance of £9,449.

This represents a 25% premium, according to the Halifax Savings Barometer, and highlights a dual need for the advice of Manchester accountants.

For urban city-dwellers looking to overcome the imbalance, our accountants can advise on issues like property tax, to help boost the amount you have for your savings.

Alternatively, rural dwellers may have more existing savings to protect – and again, we can ensure your finances are arranged as efficiently as possible, in order to safeguard what you have accumulated over the years.

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