Manchester accountants can advise young and ethnic entrepreneurs

Published on August 2, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

Manchester accountants can help young individual and entrepreneurs of ethnic origin to understand the opportunities open to them in the region.

Both groups were the subject of talks by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg at the end of July, as he stressed the importance of supporting ethnic business leaders and the young.

On the subject of ethnic minority business, Mr Clegg said: “I am pleased to see the banking industry has agreed to a range of measures to address the various factors that have prevented some entrepreneurs from getting loans.”

His comments followed the publication of a report commissioned by Mr Clegg, which found that while ethnic businesses typically find it harder to access finance than their counterparts, there do not appear to be racially motivated and discriminatory reasons behind this.

Meanwhile, young people in the Manchester region stand to benefit from the Youth Contract, a £50 million fund to be divided between the UK’s eight biggest cities that incentivises businesses to take on young employees.

Whether you are an ethnic entrepreneur, an employer of young people, or a young person looking for work, Manchester accountants can help you to identify opportunities available to you, that could have a big impact on your overall earnings.


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