Manchester accountants braced for local economic revolution

Published on January 9, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

The government has outlined an ambitious array of investment in the north-west, and Manchester accountants will be here to help clients deal with the economic impact of this every step of the way.

A wide-reaching raft of measures were listed in an event at Granada Studios on January 8th, which was attended by both the Prime Minister and the Chancellor.

They include the extension of the Metrolink network out to Trafford Park, and the purchase of a dozen new trams to run on the network.

Southern access to Manchester Airport and into the city has been earmarked for improvement too, along with work on the M60 to the west of the city.

Links over the Pennines should be improved thanks to a four-lane smart motorway on the M62 between Manchester and Leeds.

And rail travel should also improve, with electrified lines all the way to Liverpool and continued suggestions of a HS3 high-speed rail link with Leeds.

Together, all of these measures have the potential to bring substantial extra income into Manchester’s economy – and that means Manchester accountants will be busy not only helping clients to reap the benefits, but also managing the tax implications of doing so.

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