Investment prospects hold good news for healthcare accounting

Published on July 27, 2012 by Crawfords Accounting

Specialist healthcare accounting services such as those offered by our Manchester accountants go beyond the basics of income and expenditure, and often need to take into consideration property tax on rental homes or house moves, along with any long-term investments you hold.

And it’s the last of these areas where those in the medical professions might have a particular advantage, as you could be close to an investment opportunity that’s outperformed the markets as a whole in recent years.

JP Morgan Asset Management says the healthcare sector has been delivering “attractive returns” for the past decade now, with global pharmaceutical demand likely to continue to grow through 2017, largely thanks to emerging markets.

JPM Global Healthcare Fund portfolio manager Scott Braunstein says: “The healthcare sector is well placed for further impressive growth, supported by ageing populations across many countries and growing healthcare spending in the emerging markets.”

For those working in the sector, it’s a chance to make some familiar investments that could keep your healthcare accounting looking healthy for many years to come.

Our Manchester accountants are ready to speak to any clients who are considering making such investments, and who would like to check the likely impact on their personal finances as a result.

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