Insolvency advice when you need it most

Published on September 15, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

We appreciate that insolvency advice isn’t something you want – it’s something you need, and when you do, the situation is likely to be urgent.

However, as of this month, the Insolvency Service has actually cut the hours of its enquiry line, so you can no longer call before the start of the normal working day at 9am.

Even before this month, you couldn’t get insolvency advice on a specific case, but only in general terms relating to current legislation and so on.

Our insolvency advice is available to you at a time that is convenient for you: call our Manchester head office, or our London or Birmingham offices, whichever you prefer.

Freephone enquiries can be made on 0800 035 2134 so there’s no addition to your business phone bill, and if you don’t want to hold the line, you can leave your details to request a callback.

Our online contact form is available for written enquiries, and we pride ourselves on providing direct email addresses for our licensed insolvency practitioners too.

Ultimately, we aim to provide insolvency advice as a matter of urgency when you need it – giving you the best chance of turning around your business as quickly as possible.

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