Insolvency advice can rekindle your love for business

Published on February 17, 2014 by Crawfords Accounting

Insolvency advice might not sound like the most romantic topic to follow Valentine’s Day, but like any long-term relationship, your love affair with your business is bound to need work from time to time.

Just like a troubled relationship, the best way to deal with a turbulent patch is to get some expert advice – it might be insolvency advice rather than couple counselling, but it is just as important, if not more so.

And once again, just like in a relationship, it can sometimes help to think back to the early days and remember the passion that you set out with in the first place.

Starting a business can be a purely practical decision – perhaps you were made redundant and could not find employment, so decided to create a job of your own.

But for many people, starting a business is a labour of love, based around a product you are passionate about, or a commitment to providing great service.

In many cases, remembering and rekindling that passion can be a positive step in recovering your business from the brink, giving you the motivation to ‘go the extra mile’ and renew your efforts to turn things around.

So if you feel like you need relationship counselling for your business, make insolvency advice your Valentine’s gift to yourself, and re-find that love for your work.

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