Healthcare workers reschedule Christmas around jobs

Published on January 5, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

Bank holidays can complicate accounting for anyone, but in healthcare accounting, where many people are required to work the traditional public holidays, the impact can be greater than in many other disciplines.

There are many ways a bank holiday can have an effect, from altering the amount you actually earn for working a shift, to changing the date on which payments into or out of your account are made.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, with several bank holidays in close succession, these effects can be amplified – followed closely by tax deadlines in January.

And increasingly, healthcare accounting is not the only discipline being affected by bank holidays, as the highly publicised Boxing Day sales give some indication of.

In a recent survey by thinkmoney, one in five people said they would be working Boxing Day, and 13% of these were employed by the NHS, along with a hefty 32% in the retail sector.

Spokesman Ian Williams said: “As well as the traditional bank holiday workers – such as the emergency services, doctors and hospital staff – we now find millions of people working in retail, leisure and transport having their holiday cut short.”

Nine out of ten of those who expected to miss Christmas Day said they would reschedule it and celebrate in full on a different date – so a very merry Christmas to all bank holiday workers, no matter when you found time for your turkey dinner.

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