Healthcare accounting questions raised as Carers UK calls for reform

Published on May 21, 2012 by Crawfords Accounting

An open letter to the government from action group Carers UK has raised questions, both for social care reform and for healthcare accounting.

The group, supported by a lengthy list of high-profile physicians from throughout the UK, tells the prime minister that “the system is a lottery” and that “social care is in crisis”.

Chronic under-funding and a pressing need for reform combine to leave some older people feeling alone and vulnerable, the letter adds.

“We know decisions, particularly on the funding of care, will be difficult,” the authors admit.

But they add that, without effective social care, many older people can ultimately end up in hospital for crisis care.

The letter raises several questions for healthcare accounting – will a shift away from crisis care, and towards more effective social care, have knock-on effects on accounting for doctors?

Our Manchester accountants will be watching to see whether any action in response to this letter shifts responsibility from one group of healthcare professionals to another.

In turn, we will be looking for indications of any change in earnings and expenses as a result of such a shift.

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