Healthcare accounting can remove the ‘fear of the unknown’

Published on July 25, 2014 by Crawfords Accounting
healthcare accounting

Our healthcare accounting professionals have a lot in common with the medical professionals we serve – we are both employed in disciplines where our clients often would prefer not to need us.

New figures from LV= show that 65% of men ignore health issues, and 7% would not visit a doctor even if they had serious concerns about their health.

But only 9% are actually put off by the service they receive from their doctor; 10% just don’t want to hear any bad news, and 44% simply hope their health will resolve itself.

It’s a position that’s similar in many ways to the healthcare accounting services we provide, particularly when the issue at hand is something like income tax or property tax.

We know paying tax is not something most people enjoy – but like a visit to the GP, a regular finance check is an important part of keeping on top of things.

And if your income is changing, or you are disposing of property, a better awareness of issues like property tax and income tax from the outset can help keep your finances looking much healthier later on.

healthcare accounting

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