Health insurance offers boost in accounting for doctors

Published on July 6, 2012 by Crawfords Accounting

Health insurance can be a valuable boost in terms of the income levels involved when accounting for doctors who work at private healthcare establishments.

With health insurance in place, even those who are not particularly affluent have the choice of private healthcare – and, in particular, can choose where they want to be treated.

This unlocks access to greater earnings levels for doctors at such establishments, compared with largely postcode-based treatment in NHS hospitals.

And while this is good news in terms of accounting for doctors, it can also have benefits for patients’ state of mind too.

Figures from health insurance provider to the over-50s Saga Services show that 36% of the group’s target market believe the NHS has been in decline over the past two years – compared with just 16% of those surveyed in 2010.

Saga Services suggests that, with health insurance in place, individuals with specific health concerns such as cataracts and joints that need replacing can be seen faster than in an NHS hospital, can have a named consultant throughout the process, and can receive other incentives such as free parking and their own recovery room.

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