Eight providers of misleading insolvency advice shut down

Published on September 20, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

The Insolvency Service has compulsorily liquidated eight supposed providers of insolvency advice, after ruling that their information was misleading and finding them guilty of financial irregularities of their own.

In the most recent round of compulsory winding-up, three connected firms were found to have sent 4,000 unsolicited mailings per month to local businesses, accompanied by incomplete and inaccurate information.

Along with five others during the past six months, they have now been wound up by court order, preventing their inappropriate insolvency advice from putting any more would-be clients’ finances at risk.

The news is an important reminder of the need to seek advice on business insolvency from a legitimate firm with a positive and provable track record.

Graham Horne, deputy chief executive of the Insolvency Service, says: “The rescue of businesses in trouble is at the heart of the insolvency regime, and every effort should be made to ensure that struggling but viable companies are turned around wherever possible, by getting good-quality advice.”

Crawfords Insolvency are proud of our track record and high levels of customer satisfaction, and are committed to delivering the insolvency advice Manchester businesses need – bringing you peace of mind that, in turbulent economic times, you have the assistance of advisors you can trust.

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