Dentist accountants can keep focus on patients

Published on December 23, 2011 by Crawfords Accounting

Dentist accountants can help to make sure those employed in the profession have more time to spend with patients, and are less distracted by balancing the books in their own time.

Figures published by Ipsos-MORI for the Department of Health show the latest performance levels achieved by the NHS’ dental services.

Of those who accessed NHS dental services between July and September, 83% considered their overall experience to be ‘good’.

However, 8% of those surveyed – roughly one in twelve – were unable to get a dental appointment on the NHS the last time they tried.

Dentist accountants could boost the availability of NHS dentists in future, by taking some of the personal admin associated with the profession out of their hands.

Specialist dentist accountants understand the specific nature of the role, and can process earnings, outgoings and other costs associated with the profession accordingly.

In turn, dentists have the peace of mind of knowing their financial affairs are in order on an ongoing basis – and can focus their attention entirely on the oral health of their patients.

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