Dental accountants urge clients to take a bigger bite of the pie

Published on June 20, 2014 by Crawfords Accounting

Our dental accountants want all of our clients to be as successful as possible – and with the oral healthcare market on the up, the challenge is to ensure patient appointments do not fall by the wayside in favour of home remedies.

According to a report from consumer analysts Mintel, only just over half of parents with children aged below 12 years (53%) schedule regular dentist appointments for their kids.

Yet 2013 was described as a “landmark year” for sales of home oral healthcare remedies, which hit the £1 billion mark, up by 4% in each of the previous two years and forecasted to rise a further 22% by 2018.

Roshida Khanom, senior personal care analyst at Mintel, says: “Market growth in value of the oral health category, and in particular the launch of more premium products, suggest that consumers are willing to pay more for results that deliver against their concerns.

“The market has also been driven by a high level of brand loyalty in the category’s core segments.”

But whatever the adverts may say, there is no real substitute for a ‘dentist-clean’ feeling – and our dental accountants believe there is substantial ground to be made for dentists who can entice new patients to their premises and establish some brand loyalty of their own.

Dental accountants

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