Dental accountants can help adapt to OFT recommendations

Published on July 11, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

Our dental accountants can help you to adapt to the recommendations made by the Office of Fair Trading – including any impact they may have on your earnings.

In May 2012, the OFT published a list of recommendations intended to address concerns about access to dental care – although, in September 2012, it announced that it would not be referring the industry to the Competition Commission.

Now, in its Annual Report 2012-13, it claims its recommendations are good news for consumers.

OFT chairman Philip Collins says: “Our work over the past year will benefit, among others, consumers visiting the dentist.”

“We have not hesitated to take robust action where necessary, delivering enforcement cases that make a real difference for consumers and the economy as a whole,” he adds.

In dentistry, the OFT has called for a more robust sales process for dental payment plans, which it decided were being sold too aggressively.

The OFT also called for patients to be given clearer information about when private dental treatments might be available for free on the NHS.

If you are concerned that any of the OFT’s recommendations could negatively impact your earnings, our dental accountants can help you to examine your finances, and restructure them for the future.

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