Dental accountants ask ‘What price a tooth?’

Published on October 6, 2015 by Crawfords Accounting

A light-hearted report from SunLife is likely to put a smile on the faces of dental accountants everywhere, as the insurance and protection provider has surveyed the activities of one of the industry’s busiest workers – the Tooth Fairy.

In a survey of parents nationwide, the financial services provider found the average milk tooth is worth £1.31, while regional differences vary from just £1.07 in the East Midlands, to £1.78 in Scotland.

That makes the kilt-clad Tooth Fairy more generous than her counterparts south of the border, and may come as a surprise to dental accountants in light of Scotland’s usual reputation when it comes to money.

Closer to home in the north-west, children awake to exactly the UK average of £1.31, and nearly three quarters of all denominations left under their pillows are a £1 coin.

£2 coins are the region’s second-most popular value, accounting for nearly 10%, while 6.5% of kids find a 50p under their pillow once their tooth is gone.

A lucky 5% of the north-west’s children awake to a £5 note, or coins to that value, while just over 3% are given £3 in total.

Clearly the tooth trade is big business for the Tooth Fairy – and if Manchester’s own fairy is in need of financial assistance, our dental accountants would be only too happy to help.

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