Back to black: Accounting services in Manchester help locals clear Christmas debts

Published on March 8, 2016 by Crawfords Accounting

Accounting services in Manchester help residents to plan for their long-term financial future and serve immediate needs like paying taxes, but this in turn can help bring order to disordered accounts and clear seasonal debts like Christmas spending.

We could all probably benefit from spreading the cost of Christmas a bit better, and it’s no surprise that some households end up going into debt to pay for everything, whether that means a planned or unplanned overdraft, credit card balance, or payday loan.

These different forms of borrowing have their own fees and interest rates, and all contribute towards a festive financial hangover that has seen people nationwide digging deep in the new year, trying to get back into the black.

According to a report from TSB, Manchester on average has now done so, among eight areas of the country to clear Christmas debts in February – the others including Fife, North Scotland, South-West Scotland, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire, South & West Yorkshire, South Wales & the Borders, and Coventry & Leicester.

But these areas were beaten ‘back to black’ by three other regions, including both Birmingham and Liverpool, and the area encompassing Staffordshire & North Wales.

Accounting services in Manchester may have helped the city back to a firm financial footing faster than much of the surrounding area, however, as the North West & Cumbria is among the areas not expected to clear Christmas debts until some time in March.

Craig Bundell, head of credit cards at TSB, said: “Getting back in the black after Christmas can be difficult, particularly with temptation to spend in the January sales and the long weeks between December and January paydays.”

He added: “It’s useful to make a monthly budget, keep a track of your daily spending and stick to a realistic plan to pay off the debt as soon as possible, making additional payments where possible.”


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