Are you eligible to receive Tax Credits?

Published on November 3, 2010 by Crawfords Accounting

To begin with, here is an explanation of what tax credits actually are. Tax credits are provided by the government to anyone with children and/or those on a low income.

The amount of working tax credit that you are eligible for is calculated by the number of hours you work and get paid for. Both employees and self-employed workers can claim for working tax credit. Child tax credit can be claimed by anyone who looks after one or more children. The child/children must live with you. All parents and guardians are eligible for child tax credits regardless of whether they work or not.

The amount of tax credit that a person or family will receive is decided by certain factors such as how many children are living with you, if any have disabilities, if you pay childcare costs, your age and hours worked. If you a married, in a civil partnership or living with someone, you will be required to make a joint claim.

You will be asked to update any information that has changed each year to ensure that you continue to receive the correct amount of tax credit.

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