Advice on bankruptcy could reassure money-troubled students

Published on September 13, 2013 by Crawfords Accounting

It seems advice on bankruptcy could be as valuable to some students as career advice, given the ongoing financial difficulties faced by some of Britain’s brightest minds at present.

Student loans are a particular concern for many families – but these generally do not need to be paid back until you are earning above a certain threshold, so they should never cause affordability issues in and of themselves.

However, research by credit reference agency Experian reveals that nine out of ten students have credit other than a student loan – typically a credit card or overdraft.

Half of all those surveyed are concerned about how they will service their debts in an uncertain employment market, and 60% have continuing worries arising from their personal finances.

Although university should help to set people up for a successful career and a higher income, it seems inevitable that some students facing today’s punitive tuition fees and living costs will simply run out of money.

If you are facing such a situation so early into your adult life, professional advice on bankruptcy could help you to recover your finances, to minimise the long-term negative impact of the incident.

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