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Published on September 17, 2018 by Crawfords Accounting
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Crawfords’ accountancy services for start-ups and young businesses in Manchester and across the North West can help the region’s fledgling firms to make the best possible start, while contributing significantly to the region’s local economy.

Start-up growth in the North West

ONS figures published in mid-2018 show that in 2016, new business start-ups in the North West accounted for 10% of all new firms in the UK and 11% within England alone.

These new start-ups and young businesses in Manchester, Liverpool and less urban areas across the North West span the whole range of industries, with above-average new business ‘births’ in segments including:

• Motor repair, wholesale and retail trade
Human health and social work
• Transport and storage
• Water supply and sewerage
• Accommodation and food services
Real estate
• Other service activities

The region’s manufacturing sector was also a source of new business start-ups and young businesses in 2016, accounting for 10% of the UK average and 12% of births within England.

Helping start-ups and young businesses in Manchester to thrive

Even taking into account business ‘deaths’ during the same period, the recently published ONS data reveals a net gain of nearly 10,000 businesses in the North West in 2016.

Again certain sectors performed particularly strongly, with each of the following recording a net gain of more than 1,000 new start-ups and young businesses across the North West during the year:

• Construction (a net gain of 1,010 new firms)
• Motor vehicle repair, retail trade and wholesale (1,970)
• Transport and storage (2,025)
• Professional, scientific and technical (1,830)
• Admin and support services (2,090)

This again shows the breadth of sectors and industries in which new businesses in the North West can thrive, with positive net gains an indication that other young businesses and established firms in those segments are also doing well over the longer term.

At Crawfords we specialise in helping new start-ups and young businesses to navigate the steep learning curve, extra financial pressures and admin burden of starting a new venture for the first time.

We can advise on VAT and PAYE, bookkeeping and payroll, and the most appropriate ownership structure to keep your company finances and tax exposure under control.

Fill in our online contact form or call our start-up business accountants in Manchester on 0161 956 2905 during office hours for an initial consultation, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you get started with your new company accounting.

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